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Welcome to THESETUP

A start up company bringing entertainment experiences to your home. Our current product is the VIP Cinema Experience, we are bringing the movies to you! You read that correctly, the movies are coming to you!

We all love the movies!  Why not have your family movie night, date night, karaoke night, viewing party, gaming session, birthday party and much more brought to you by us. Check out our indoor/outdoor VIP Cinema Experience package below. 



THEV.I.P Cinema Experience

An in home or outdoor experience, where we bring the movies to you! 


  • Standing Projector Screen (Indoor/Outdoor) Up to 100"

  • Projector 

  • 1 Large speaker

  • Fairy lights: (1 small set for the screen, 1 100 bulb set to be plugged in and comes with a remote)

  • Basic snack box for two: (2 bags of candy or 2 candy bars, 1 bag of popcorn, 2 bottled drinks of your choice)

  • Setup and take down included

Price : $230.00
* You must have at least 10 feet of space between the projector and screen for the ultimate experience*
No Projector Screen (condos and smaller spaces)                                   
  • Projector
  • Basic Snack Box *as mentioned above*
  • 1 set of fairy lights
  • 1 Large speaker
  • Drop off and collection included
  • Instructions included
  • 4 hour rental time
           Price : $180.00
If you have a daytime event, please select daytime on the order form
Make your experience even more spectacular:

Add-ons & Pricing:

  • Bean Bags (1 or 2) $20.00 each

  • Daytime (We will now be offering a standing LED screen, inquire within the order form)

  • Fully Downloaded Movie or Series *if available to download* $14.00 per movie or $2.00 per episode

  • Amazon Fire Stick $25.00

  • Wi-Fi range extender *Recommended for streaming or an internet based set-up* $30.00

  • Additional time To be quoted separately

  • Karaoke Mic $10.00

  • Mini Pop Corn Machine (popcorn included) $75.00

  • Ultimate Snack Box (4 bags of candy, 2 bags of popcorn, and a 2L bottled drink or 4 bottled drinks) $50.00 or $60.00 with 4 bottled drinks

  • Slide Show To be quoted separately 

  • Organize, Pickup & Deliver take out of your choice To be quoted separately

  • Alcohol Pick Up and Delivery *must be 19+ or older* To be quoted separately

  • Surprise Dipped Dessert $50.00 

  • Battery Generator (For spaces with limited power supply) $75.00

  • Projector Stand $30.00

  • Outdoor Snack Table: (comes with coloured tablecloth and utensils, snack/food will be organized and quoted separately) $100.00

  • Light Box (Customize your event and give it a name) $15.00

  • Standing Ice bucket (champagne & Ice included) $25.00 + Champagne

  • Smart Wi-Fi Light bulbs (2 colour changing bulbs)  $10.00 each

  • LED Heart Light $10.00

  • Date Night Package: (An adult sized teepee with lights and a cushion, blanket, LED heart light, take out organize/delivery and a dipped dessert) $150.00 + plus takeout

  • Décor Package: (2 Medium sized beige blankets, 4 Tan pillows, 2 Lanterns, 1 additional set of fairy lights, 10 Tea light candles with holders) $150.00

*Large parties or corporate events, pricing may differ*
*Special Requests are welcome and will be reviewed, we will do our best to fulfill your requests*



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